ClearSale Fraud Protection Application Guide

With this application, your business will have access to general information about your orders, conversion rates, Chargeback Files and Score.

Application Overview


Welcome to ClearSale Analysis Center, a complete dashboard for keeping track of your decisions.

With this application, you will have access to general information about your orders, conversion rates and Score. You can keep track of all these data on your computer or mobile phone.


You can browse in your transaction history for today, last week, last month and last year


Search for Orders

You can search for orders using a large set of filters.

Order Details

Select an order to access details such as addresses and phone numbers, payment methods and historical requests from this buyer, among others.

Chargeback Management

On this screen you can choose an order and flag it as a Chargeback.


Monthly Volume of Transactions

You can compare the Average, Quantity and Value of your transactions over time.

Monthly Approval Rate

You can compare your Monthly approval rate over time.

Chargeback Performance

You can compare your Chargeback performance over time.

Submitted Chargeback Volume

You can compare your Chargeback volume over time.

Chargeback Extraction

You can export all Chargebacks of a period to an Excel file.

Transaction Extraction

You can extract to an Excel file all transactions of a chosen period.

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